About us

Sarafis Leather has been manufacturing and trading men and women’s leather items since 1989. The workshop and the store are situated in Thessaloniki, where you can find all the latest trends in leather clothing of the highest quality.

The collections are defined by their timeless style, with emphasis on the quality of the raw materials as well as the detail in the construction. In our store you will also find selected imported leather items.

You may also create your own, custom-made leather jacket, selecting from a wide variety of leather qualities and colors, sheepskin or natural fur.


Sarafis Leather imports the finest leather from Spain and Italy. In our store you will find the finest qualities of Mouton (sheep in French) or Sheepskin, which is leather from sheep tanned with its fleece intact.

We combine natural fur from the varieties of FOX and REX RABBIT with leather, to create unique designs.

With timeless designs and emphasis on detail we create collections for the man and woman, always of the highest quality with the signature of Sarafis Leather.